We love to see and feel the vibe of the crowd and artist in one!

Bono Badja

These days this summer minded artist goes by the name of Bono Badja. which has put his mind and soul completely on the lovely latin, afro, tropical, tribal, culture house mixed with Groovy and Funky Twists.

Feeling sunshine and tropical vibes at once while Bono Badja is behind the decks. Call it lovely, female friendly or just some heavy powered house sound with a well known sound in it. Sing a long with your favourite pop tunes on a bed of roses while you are on the dancefloor! Shaking booty’s dancing souls and ofcourse raving heroes, you can find it all during a set of Bono Badja.

With shows all over the world Bono knows exactly how to create a moving dancefloor.
India, Acores, Portugal, Spain, Bulgary, Switserland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Egypt.

With several releases Bono Badja is climbing up the mountain of charts and get in some country as Finland and India high in ranking.
With a list of record labels Bono Badja is still aiming to release bigger and better music and at the end his main course with a track at the biggest labels of the world..

“There is always a way when you believe in it! ”

•Signed “Game Over” “Disco Love & Mi Vida” at Whore House Records (United Kingdom)
•Signed “Baby” at Fava groove records; (Germany)
•Signed “Love the Rhythm” at Latin Lovers Records; (Netherlands)
•Signed “Conmigo” at FlexUp Records; (Netherlands)
•Signed “Messy Groove” at Satsuma Records; (Turkey)
•Signed “Looking Back” at Universal records (Poland)

Bono Badja @ Mi Amor Streetfestival #ThisIsRockingHouseMusic

Bono Badja & Chris Odd B2b as Team Mi Amor