We love to see and feel the vibe of the crowd and artist in one!

Bono Badja

These days this summer minded artist goes by the name of Bono Badja. which has put his mind and soul completely on the lovely Latin, afro, tropical, tribal, culture house mixed with some dancehall and reggae twists.

Feeling Sunshine and Tropical vibes at once with Bono Badja, call it lovely, female friendly or some heavy powered house sounds with a caribbean twist.

Only the real dance warriors are welcome in District Badja.
shaking booty’s, dancing souls or raving heroes you can find them all during a set of Bono Badja.

Bono Badja is regularly leaving a trail of festive destruction with a big load of rising energy.


In 2008 it all started at a backyard exam party, with just a simple music installation they organized their first party. When the party started Jeremy take the Mic and start to getting the crowd up and down and help them rave like they never did before. After the party his friends told him “you have to something with it”, and he did! From 2008 there were several venue’s who want to have MC La Palm for different kind of shows.

In 2013 he signed his track “Love the Rhythm” together with Sergio Bailando at Latin lovers records. The biggest Latin label in the Netherlands. Which caused in a lot of more shows all over Europe. His track has been supported by many latin house artists in Holland like Gregor Salto and many more!

He organized more then 100 events all over the country. That turned out to be a success. The event get a good attraction when he started to work with bigger names. Last year he started with his new concept called ‘Mi Amor’. What stands for “my love” with the setting and feeling for well known ibiza music!


References (And more)
           ::Festivals::                                                              ::Clubs::
Amsterdam Dance Event (NL)                                Hylife , Hyderabad (IND)
Bharat Bass Festival (IND)                                 Jaipur exchange bar, Jaipur (IND)
Electronic Music Festival (CH)                                   Opa! , Mumbai (IND)
Dream Village Festival (NL)                                  Music Dome, Kerkrade (NL)
Sunset XXL Indoor Festival (NL)                            IKON, Antwerpen (BE)
OMG Festival (NL)                                                  BK1, Kaldenkirchen (DE)
Samen Festival (NL)                                                 Escape Amsterdam (NL)
Kingsday (NL)                                                           Club Bollee, Rhenen (NL)
Mi Amor Festival (NL)                                                Level, Arnhem (NL)  

Supported by
Gregor Salto, Lady Bee, Naffz, Funk D, Wessel S, Don Cartel and many more!

Shows in countries
India, Egypt, Acores, Portugal, Spain, Bulgary, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland and Switzerland.
Zuri Stage Switzerland (CH)



•Signed “Love the Rhythm” at Latin Lovers Records;
•Signed “Conmigo” at FlexUp Records;
•Signed “Love the Rhythm” at Latin Lovers Records;
•Signed “Looking Back” at Universal records

•Tours in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Egypt;

Live your dreams and feel the tropical way of life!