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Joost Wander

Joost Wander (Joost Mol, 1994) is an up and coming Dutch-speaking singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and reggae artist. ''Funky Dutch pop of this time with reggae influences and a large dose of humor'', according to Joost himself. He describes his music as a mix of Alain Clark, Doe Maar and Nielson.
You may have heard him pass by in the morning show of ex-3FM DJ Giel Beelen from his YouTube videos for GielsTalentenjacht. 
"Not only she has it, but you have it too", referee Giel to one of Wander's eponymous songs "She has it".
Joost started out as a guitarist on AMP (Albeda Muzikant / Producer) but quickly developed into a creative singer-songwriter and all-round musician, due to his talented mastery of instruments such as piano, bass and drums. Joost Wander played at festivals such as Wantijpop and Rastaplas as lead guitarist and backing vocalist in the One World Band from Rotterdam.