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Justice Toch

Justice Toch is a Dutch artist with a unique sound. This sound is a combination of urban and pop music. Justice Yet stands out because of his perseverance and strong performance in which he knows how to touch people.

Justice Toch - Papi Chulo
Justice Toch - Round & Round
Justice Toch - Salut
Justice Toch - Bubble E Kabes

At the start of his career, Justice Toch participated in various TV programs but experienced his major breakthrough with the release of “Round & Round”. A large number of featurings with famous artists such as AfroBros, Boef, Firstman and many others followed.

All his hard work has resulted in a number of gold plates and a platinum plate. FunX Radio has even appointed Justice Pla a “Artist of the week” several times. Justice Toch released his first album in 2019 and this certainly requires more. Partly thanks to this release, the music of Justice has reached tens of millions on Spotify and Youtube.