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Sister’s Crush

Sister’s Crush
Sexy, Classy and Urban, Sister’s Crush has it all. This group, consisting of Robbin and Rick is the perfect combination of styles, in which every single members fulfils their own role.

Sister’s Crush once started out as a trio, after which Robbin continued to take Sister’s Crush solo. On his own he’s managed to book a lot of gigs and filled lots of stages, but there was always something missing. So when Rick approached him about completing the act once again, he couldn’t be more happy. Sister’s Crush was stronger than ever before. With Rick’s smooth vibes, Robbin’s mentality they form the perfect blend of Urban, Sexy and Classy. With stages ranging from Amsterdam Dance Event to clubs in Lloret de Mar, Sister’s Crush is no stranger to delivering.

They’ve gathered multiple thousands of plays online and are delivering their own original sound offline with their combination of tropical beats and sexy vibes. This mixture of styles makes it impossible for the crowd to stand still. Sister’s Crush is standing at the start of their next chapter, in which the goal is to produce original summer tunes and conquer every club and festival with their sound!

There’s only one thing left to ask yourself when you’re vibing at their shows, and that’s: “Who’s your Crush?”

“Who’s your Crush?”