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STTRBSTN [aka Stuiterbeesten] – an energetic Dutch DJ/producer/host + party movement specialised in FISSASTYLE – breakin’ borders by blending beats! ? This crazy rebel from Breda really knows how to turn up YOUR party. Turnin’ clubs and festivals upside down in every village and town. Switchin’ music styles more often than the bitcoin exchange rate. Named after his fanatic followers on the dancefloor, because bouncing animals never stop while the party is on! ? ?

PULL UP DI FISSA! ? ? Breakin’ borders by blending beats, also known as Eclectic or Freestyle. Moombahton, Bubbling, Twerk, EDM, Trap and even the harder styles are part of a STTRBSTN set   STTRBSTN closing at Holi Fusion Festival in Maastricht (2016) STTRBSTN started in 2014, 3 years after the foundation of Stuiterbeesten: a party blog that transformed into a popular club night in Roosendaal, a small village in the southern part of The Netherlands. Within 6 months, STTRBSTN reached the national final of the Pepsi Dancetour DJ Clash in Amsterdam, a huge DJ Contest with more than 300 participants.

The popularity of STTRBSTN growed quickly and nowadays in 2018, STTRBSTN played already at more than 350 events in The Netherlands, Belgium and France – including major festivals like Dream Village, 9Zero, Bassrulers, Paaspop, Latin Village Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, Decibel Outdoor Festival, City of Dance, Holi Fusion Festival, Sunset Festival and the mainstage of HBO Intro Festival Breda. STTRBSTN playin’ at the mainstage of HBO Intro Festival Breda in 2016 The STTRBSTN fanbase is growing every day and because fans are the main reason of his existence, they are treated very often with exclusive content – like the STTRBSTN XL Music Pack with almost 60 (!) free bootlegs and remixes. No party without bouncing animals! Thanks to his versatile sound, it’s almost impossible to put STTRBSTN in a box. Combining crazy beats with energetic performances. that’s where STTRBSTN stands for! ?

Let’s get YOUR PARTY started with STTRBSTN!!